The news is just so cheery, isn’t it.

I get woken by it every morning – 6:30 news, the start of The Chris Moyles Show on BBC Radio 1.

Yes, I know that  the BBC don’t broadcast all the news, they don’t even broadcast the most interesting news most days, but it just gives you a taster of what the real world is like; you wake up from that sweet dream you were having and immediately your greeted with “Suicide Bomber” ~ “Another Soldier Dead” ~ or even some Jolly old news from Afghanistan.

Yes, I  know that it’s news, and they can’t just make up something nicer, but it just shows you what this planet is like, the only intelligent life we can find for light years, even in this Solar System (so far as we know), and we can only fight wars, and hurt each other; we are always in competition with each other. We will be the death of ourselves, the whole race just killing till there is no one left to kill. No one left to hurt. No one to love and cherish this BEAUTIFUL planet.

It makes you realise how lucky you are – when you hear about the horror, the devastation or the death. You realise that you’ve got it pretty good really. So, you didn’t get that Blackberry you wanted for Christmas, but just think, you’re alive, there’s no risk to you, people all over the world are dying from disease or fighting – spare a thought for them when you unwrap the LG Cookie, which is so last year… just think – those people don’t have phones, they don’t have technology, they don’t even have the basic necessities for life. Just think about that.