Now I’m not saying i don’t like studying Shakespeare, in fact I positively love his plays, but at the moment at school we are working with Macbeth. Lots of people think it’s great, and I’m no one to say that they are wrong, but for me it’s the most boring one I have done yet. My favourite play of Shakespeare’s is “Much Ado About Nothing” – we did a lot on it last year, and i really enjoyed analysing it and discussing it. Also I personally think it has a great plot line.

Macbeth is just so… boring, it’s all death and insanity. May I let it be known that i am absolutely aware of the pressure on Shakespeare at the time to produce something entertaining enough that his 1606 audience wouldn’t just walk out and go to the Bear Pit next door, and he obviously had to please the  new King of the time (James I and VI of Scotland), but the story is just so, so … I don’t know – i just have not been enjoying it. I have done “Much Ado About Nothing”, “Romeo and Juliet” and acted in abbreviated versions of “Twelfth Night” and “A midsummers’ Nights Dream”. And in my opinion they were far better.

I do love to write essays though – although miss complains about the 6 pages I produce each time, but i have A LOT to say, there’s always so much to talk about in Shakespeare – Contextual, Structural, Language, the use of Gender Discrimination and stereotypes, it’s packed full of points to make and quotes to take.

Well my consistent 7c marks show that i get it, just got to bump that mark up a few places; apparently I am capable of much more.