Well… Pets,

It seems that you can have almost any animal as a pet – it may not be legal, but I’m pretty certain that most types of animals have been a pet at some stage, probably released into the ‘wild’ afterwards so it can terrorise the local animals after it’s (spoiled) owner got bored of it.

Is it classed as pets in a zoo? If it is, then every animal is definitely a ‘pet’ of sorts. You wouldn’t really want a massive snake or a Tarantula. Would you?

I reckon the most common pets are Cats, Dogs and Fish. Obviously Fish are the easiest to look after, just feed them and keep them in a tank – simple. Cats and Dogs, however, take a bit more looking after, Dogs need ‘walkies’ and cats need… well cats need… cats need love and attention. It must be tiresome owning a Dog, you have to get up early and walk it, feed it, let it out to go to the loo, and then in the evening after a long day working/schooling, you have to walk it again. So you can teach it tricks, that hardly makes up for the smell, the slobber and the hairs. Now, I’m not saying that Cats don’t shed hair, I’m merely stating that they are a lot tidier, and take less looking after. Cats are for people like me, who want a companion to sit with as the lounge around, being lazy, a cute little furball to purr and curl up at the end of your bed when you go to sleep. I am definitely a Cat person. I like Dogs, but you can’t beat a cute little Kitty Cat.

Dad reckons he’ll get a Dog; Cats in one home Dogs in the other, seems OK to me.

We were talking about pets at school today, how some are soooooo cute, and some are evil. Evil Cats that scratch, horrible Dogs that Bite, that sort of thing. I’ll tell what else i hate about Dogs, they tend to jump up – I hate that, having a slobbery Dog up in your face…lovely.  I remember when i was little, my uncle had two massive Dogs, an Alsatian (called Gemma) and some sort of  Ridge-back (who’s name escapes me). Obviously when i was little, they were huge to me, and towered over me, no jumping up it was more like squashing, to be honest. They used to bound up to me and practically knock me down… It’s funny, how my favourite Dog is the Alsatian.

It is a funny thought really, bringing a wild animal to live in your house with you. I know now we think of Cats and Dogs as being ‘pets’ but really they just used to roam the world, free and natural. ‘Till someone thought – I want one of those! and suddenly they were the must have thing. If you saw a Cat or a Dog wandering the streets now, you’d call it a stray… but really those animals are just living normally, and i know that it was probably bred to be a pet, but you never see a pet squirrel – its funny how we define what animals could be good pets and which are just animals.

Well, i don’t think i could live without my Cats, however annoying they sometimes maybe, it’s always nice to have a little furry companion to cuddle, that will react, and isn’t full of stuffing.