Yes, Board games… So simple yet so entertaining, although obviously they can be really confusing and complicated but they’re generally simple. Anyway this evening I was playing this old game where you have to get the ball round the course (the name of said game escapes me at this moment in time…) and I just couldn’t do it, in the end I managed to complete it in just over 10 minutes because I had to keep starting again, there was such a feeling of triumph when I won – a great sense of achievement! So I thought *I’ll try it again and see if i can beat my time* and you know what, I couldn’t complete it again. Not Once. I spent another 30 minutes trying, but I always got stuck on the last bit…

Well, I reckon that would have kept me entertained for hours, and it was just a simple little thing for one player, but they do all sorts of board games, like Monopoly, Cluedo and Alpha-Animals, that you can play with family and/or friends! They’re fun and don’t involve staring at a screen. I know some amazing games have been developed for Computers and Electronic devices, but to me you cannot beat a good old fashioned board game. You can play them anytime anywhere, guaranteed to please, absorb and occupy children and adults alike for hours on end, without using any battery, no power, and not damaging your eyes by staring at a tiny screen, or sitting bang in front of a massive one; Also, games for game-stations are far too violent these days, and I know that sounds like the sort of thing an annoying adult would say, but it’s true, I know some people like to sit there shooting people and blowing things up (especially my brother) but it’s not really ‘fun’ and it makes people more A. violent and aggressive in real life and B. hardened to things like that, in films, on the television or in real life, and I suppose sometimes that is good, but if someone is not disturbed by watching someone die a painful and bloody death, then there is something wrong with their mentality. seriously.

Even a good game like Sonic promotes violence subtly, as he defeats his enemies by blowing them up.

My Dad, my Brother and I are really into mystery games for the PC. Now they are good! They test your brain and you can have fun too – and that too sounds like I am some middle-aged boring old woman, but seriously mystery games rock! There are some that we particularly enjoy by Big Fish Games, called MCF(Mystery Case Files) which think are the best, but we are currently working on an Agatha Christie – And Then There Were None mystery, which is pretty advanced and interesting stuff. You have to be careful though, we usually start at about 10 on the laptop in bed and not get up till late afternoon because we have been so engrossed in what were are doing!

Still doesn’t beat sitting down with your family and playing a good board game, or even spoons!