There are so many words, aren’t there.

Just thinking about them today at school – pronunciation to be specific.

Words like Garage, Scone, Grass and Bath! Now it is BLATANTLY G-R-Aah-SS, if you say G-R-a-SS it just sounds silly! and B-Aah-TH, not B-a-TH you sound immensely ‘common’ and of course i understand that some peoples’ accents confine them to saying those words like that but honestly it is wrong!

Also G-A-R-Aah-G-E and S-C-o-N-E.

There is such discrimination about pronunciation, but really if you know what they meant, it doesn’t matter; I asked all my friends what they thought about these words and you get very mixed replies, most people say it the ‘wrong’ way, but if that’s the way they talk, then that’s the way they talk and you can’t change that. Well… you could change that by getting elocution lessons – I personally think they would be great fun! Although obviously if you told someone to get lessons on how to speak they might not be best pleased.