There seems to be something that everyone is obsessed with.

For my brother it’s Xbox, for me…. I don’t know, my friends would probably say David Tennant, I think I might say food, -or reading – reading is a big one. My Best friend Charlotte is obsessed with Eeyore, and Emily Doctor Who, Lily is really into Harry Potter(Tom Felton) and Dommy has got that really quiet rock chick look going on. 🙂

Everybody has one thing that they love and they know everything about.

When my brother is on Halo Reach(on Xbox) he knows everything, he knows what to do, how to do it, what weapon’s do and how to use them, which vehicle is which and what the enemies are called. I couldn’t tell you whether that wierd looking creature is a ‘grunt’ or an ‘elite’ (I just asked him what some were called – I still have no idea!). Whereas i can tell you David Tennant’s original name, his age, his date of birth and who his current girlfriend is(Georgia Moffet who, in fact he has proposed to).

Also, once you get your ‘specialist subject’ I’ve found you stick to it, you don’t just swap and change all the time. I wonder how we choose what we are obsessed with, because it seems to be marginally subconscious – obviously it’s about something/someone we like, but you don’t just pick a random thing and research it, you naturally get into something.

Well, I think it’s quite fun to have an obsession… and interesting too!