I am pretty sure the first thing anyone notices about me is my height, maybe my volume, but probably my height.

I’m 5ft 10, so not too big, but big for my age. From when I was little my Nanny used to write how tall i was on the back of her study door, but I soon got too tall for it! In 2007 my Dad measured me up against our study door and again each year, in 2008 I was 3 inches taller, and again in 2009, but from 2009 to 2010 i grew 6 inches and another six from 2010 to now in 2011, which is quite a lot to grow in one year! I am approximately 20cm (8 inches) shorter than my Dad: who is 6ft6 – so you  can see where I got it from.

My mum is average height (5ft6) although to me she seems small, and my sister is a bit taller than my mum, and my brother just shorter than my mum, and he’s bound to grow big! So we aren’t really a short family anyway,  but at school I am a giant, although my friend Charlie is 5ft 11, and Sophia is taller than me too – but apart from them everyone is average height or tiny! Mostly tiny in fact, so many small people in our school and some of my closest friends are pretty small too!

Also, I’m in year 9, and the year 7s are sooooo small this year, they must feel very intimidated by us – Tall, Loud and Scary.

When you’ve been tall all your life you get used to it so it’s less weird, but people do not know how annoying it is to be told that you are tall all the time – you’d think they would realise that you are perfectly aware of your height. I’m constantly being told by  people to shrink, why don’t they grow, I mean honestly I’m not deliberately tall,  and I am sure small people are not deliberately small – but it’s damn annoying either way!

As my Dad says: “At least when you’re tall people have to look up to you!”