Yesterday I went to the cinema with some friends(I am not going to mention their names because last time I did they got all big headed like – “Ha, your blogs all about me” ;)) anyway, I was at the cinema(not telling you what I went to see either… yet.) So, I went in the morning and we got there right on time and BAM, the last tickets are sold to the lady who pushed in front of us from the back! Therefore we went to see something else and bought tickets for the other film too, while we were there, so we were all prepared. Now some people may not approve of seeing two films in one day, including my mother, but we wanted to so we did! the first at 12:30 then 2 hours or so in town shopping and then the other film at 3:40 (I think don’t quote me on that!) and so it was all groovy, and also great fun! ESPECIALLY because we had two orange wednesdays so we got into two films for the price of one 😀

Back to the point – During the first film, I thought, that it seems rather a weird thing for us to want to do. Pay t0 sit in a dark room with total strangers whilst watching a ‘motion picture’ and eating some delicious item of a massively and immeasurably unhealthy nature.  Also, it seems a weird outing to go to with friends, as you see nothing of each other because your eyes are glued to the screen, muchlike inviting a friend over and turning on the telly so you only exchange bare pleasantries at the door because you have been glued to the box for the whole time that this friend was actually in the  vicinity and then when they have left you realise there was so much to be said but you effectively completely ignored them.

I know that going to the cinema is apparently all about the ‘Big Screen Experience’ and ‘High Definition’ picture quality with all the newest, flashiest mod cons but you wouldn’t go alone. Never alone to the cinema, always with someone that you will barely talk to just sit beside and maybe brush hands with as you reach into the popcorn at exactly the same time as they do.


(deliberately NO capital letter.)

Now let us move on, to the question that is pressing at the back of your subconsciousness, not quite in your consciousness because you don’t care that much, but there just waiting to be asked and answered if the right time arise from the mists of your mind. Let’s stop rambling on and get on with it.

What two films did I see?

  1. Big Mommas – like father, like son
  2. Tangled 3D

and now for my review:

I thought Big Mommas was really good, really funny, perfect sequel(or is it a prequel?) to Big Mommas House and Big Mommas House2 so well done to them. I liked it 🙂

Tangled 3D was also pretty awesome (didn’t need 3D but that added to it… I guess) I really liked the plot line, the twist on the traditional story, the bad guy going good, and the happy ending. In short, I am a sucker for a fairytale! I thought the animation was good, the sound, everything 😀 GO TANGLED! 😉

I’ll leave you with this:

“Go, Follow your dream”

“I will!”

“I was talking to the girl, your dream stinks!”