I am about to begin the heap of homework that has accumulated on my desk. I have had all half term to do it and I shall start it now, because that is the way. Well – heap is a slight exaggeration I have completed most of it i think the only thing I have got left is D.T. so that should be fun! I have to spend 2 hours re-doing my classwork. I actually don’t have to, but it’s so bad I feel like I should.

Homework is so annoying, why not just make us do that in school? I don’t need to take it home, get it all screwed up, waste my afternoon on it and then hand it in only to find i have completely misinterpreted the question and got it completely wrong.  All right, maybe I am going a little over the top, that usually only happens with Maths, but still. Homework STINKS!

I suppose I had better get started, isometric drawings won’t draw themselves (unfortunately for me)

I appreciate that we have to do independent learning when we work at home, but when I get home the last thing I want to start is a stack of homework.