Most people have a nickname because they’re name is annoying to say because it’s so long. I however have so many nicknames it is positively hard to remember them all.. I will list the ones I can remember for you:

  1. Rubacious B
  2. Ruby Scooby Doo
  3. Ruby Roo
  4. Rainbow Pixie
  5. Barbra Windsor
  6. Rubinsky
  7. Boob
  8. Ruby Bucklé
  9. Rubicle Cubicle
  10. rucibble
  11. *Big Sister*
  12. Rubz

and so on…

All my friends seem to have different things to call me. Surely there’s not that many variations of Ruby?! Groups of people call me different things, I have to make sure I know what they are because otherwise people get annoyed at me when I don’t respond when they shout a random name at me!

Everybody has at least one nickname, it’s peculiar that we should all want to change our name amongst our friends, I suppose it shows how close you are to someone, if they have their own special name for you-your really close, but if they just call you your full name they must be less so.

My group of friends all have nicknames, they are pretty insane!:

Barbra Windsor(ME), Mo Syslak, Wendy Miller, Margo Beatrice, Audrey Pink Custard, Bill Oddie, Tina Turner(though she sort of left us) and Izzie(she doesn’t have a nickname yet, she’s new to the group and we are still thinking one up for her:)

So, I conclude, after a random/Pointless/Boring Blog, that everyone has a nickname!