Lily Has insisted I write my Blog today because she checks everyday and it has not changed for weeks. She’s right.

When I started my blog I was determined to write everyday, that went well for the first week or so, I decided to not post on weekends and now, I barely write at all. I have run dry, no inspiration, nothing. So if you have a topic you want me to cover, feel free to comment.

Well this post is boring isn’t it. I like Unicorns don’t you?

I collect in fact, soft toys, china ones, you know all types of AWESOME Unicorns. My favourite is this giant Purple one, it is lush!

So Lily I hope you enjoyed that 😉 It was rubbish random and aimless. When I get a new topic though I will BLOW YOUR MINDS!

thank you readers for sticking with me even when it got boring. ❤