So, It’s International Women’s Day, what a great feeling! All that work by women for women payed off, we got a vote, we got our rights – and Women got a day, all to themselves!

Equality is key to any society, I think anyway. You need to be able to listen to everyone, listen to the opinions the reasons and the intelligence of other people. It stops the need for a ‘ruler’ or a main person in charge, because everyone is equal and everyone deserves a say, and giving some big headed numpty a place in power all on their own would A.Drive them Crazy with pressure B. Make them strut around like they own the place and C. Let them make the wrong decisions, where a second opinion is needed!

Having everybody saying what they think is best and accumulating ideas to create the perfect conclusion should make the perfect society, but no-someone always has to be in charge, that’s the human race. The sheep need a leader, and some over confident imbecile is ready to step in and heard them, even if it’s in the wrong direction.

Anyway, wouldn’t the world be perfect if we all listened to each other. I think so.

Enjoy International Women’s Day!

Part of an equality based society.