I like tidying.

Yes, you heard it here first, I enjoy tidying, the satisfaction of the immaculate room that you have just worked on for 3 hours is so pleasing; I find tidying gives me that warm fulfilled feeling which so many people crave. Although I love to tidy up my room and other rooms around the house. I despise tidying other peoples rooms-unless I know them so well that I know where everything lives anyway. But I could never tidy my mums room because everything has a place, but in her mind, and I don’t know that plan, so if I did tidy it there would be no feeling of joy, because everything would be messed up from her point of view, if you see where I am coming from. Whereas Thea’s bedroom is so easy to tidy – she has almost minimal possessions and I am at her house so often that I know the layout of them completely, and therefore can tidy up of I feel like it or I have made the  mess.

I have a habit of waking up at 3am and thinking ‘now would be an amazing time to tidy my room from top to bottom and sort out that heap of clothes that’s been there for a week’ not a good strategy. 

Just tidied my room in fact, and it is lush, although OCD clean, but that’s me! I vacuumed the living room yesterday and am repeatedly forced to sort it out (not that i’m complaining) because of my horrible little brother. 

He is 12 years old – 13 this year, and he still possesses not even enough brain to be able to pick up the TV remotes and put them back on the TV when he’s done, neither does he have the initiative to take off his disgusting muddy shoes when he enters the living room. He wears them in there and wonders why the carpet is covered in horrible stains. He also eats in there against the will of me and my mother – spreading crumbs and aggression throughout our house. Then he has the nerve to wonder why I have to vacuum again for the 3rd time this week.

I also have cleaned the Kitchen and tried to do the Dining Room but failed as there are boxes of jumble for a jumble sale we are having, and a matress as my mother has just bought a new one for her double bed because she is currently having to sleep in a rickety little single bed in the ‘spare room’.

Why is ‘spare room’ air quoted I hear you ask. I have, in fact, air quoted ‘spare room’ as it can hardly be described as that, it is not wallpapered or painted, the window sill has a hole in it, there are no curtains or blinds, the carpet is more of a rug as it doesn’t fit the room and the bed is an unstable single with thee most uncomfortable matress you have ever even sat on, with springs popping up all over the place.

Anyway, back to the original topic of this post.

I like tidying, but no I shall not tidy your room for you, that’s not how I work!