I have found that I search for Approval of my betters in life, I reckon everyone does.

In school work, you want the teacher to approve, in life you want your parents to approve, and you are always looking for ways to impress.

School work may be boring or annoying but I think that everyone really wants it to be OK at least. Even those interrupting dimwits that try to disrupt the lesson as much as possible and don’t even do any work – I guess they really want to do well, but they have to ‘look big’ in front of their friends. Anyway less of them, they get attention all the time!

So, just got my school report and parents evening is coming up, and my parents are proud of me, which is great because, like anyone else I was searching for their approval. But the reason I am really writing about approval is because my Sister Millie has an AMAZING Blog and I really look up to her, and the fact that she likes my blog gives me such a massive sense of achievement, to have a university student who has her own blog, is amazing at everything(especially writing) and is my big sister who I admire greatly, say good things about a piece of my writing is awesome! I love to write and my blog is somewhere for me to get my ideas out, and the thought that someone likes my inane ramblings is quite a great triumph.

Now I shall blow you away with some words to describe this:

accomplishment,acquirement, attainment contrivance, creation,  effort, feat, fulfillment, hit,masterpiece, performance, production,realization, success,  victory, capability

and so on!

I hope truly that you approve.