Hello Sunshine! 🙂

Spring has finally arrived and the sun is shining down outside(as I sit inside writing a blog and surfing the internet). It officially became Spring on Monday and the clocks go forward on Sunday-the start of Summer Time! I am enjoying the current sun very much, it was the hottest day of the year so far today, although it is supposed to get really cold at the end of this week now, but that’s the unpredictable British weather for you!

It’s so nice that my mum has even hung out the washing on the line rather than in the airing cupboard inside!

The lush weather also makes you feel happy don’t you think – sunshine is a lighthearted emotion, and it just makes you want to smile, the light shining through the windows is just gorgeous, golden and bright!

Write again soon! I am off to dads t enjoy the sunshine a little bit more!