Laptops, what a wonderful idea, a portable computer that you have on your lap!

I love my laptop dearly, I use it for everything – homework, Facebook, Blogging, games, music etc. but at this moment in time it is out of use. I dread to say it but I actually caused this. My laptop in effect is actually fine but the charger cable is not and therefore the laptop that is now fully out of battery is now completely dead. Which, I am sure you will understand is really REALLY annoying as I can’t do anything.  However I still have a PC that I can use to connect to my social sites and do homework on and is the implement i am using to write this blog.


It is SO slow, the typing takes a minute to catch up with itself as I am quite a fast typer, the internet (although the connection is Very Strong) is immensely slow – I started downloading Google Chrome over 5 minuted ago and it has just finished installing – gurr!

Anyway, just a note to say the weather is extremely nice today and the sun is shining down – apparently hottest day yet this year, good!