I love music.

Music is literally my life, if there is no music then I have to put some on; from my laptop, from Spotify, from Youtube, from the Radio. I hate the silence, and some music is just so good, whereas others is just some meaningless lyrics put on top of a samey dancey beat.

I particularly like Adele at the moment, her new album 21 is exquisite, but that’s the way i work I go through phases. When my dad purchased Florence and the machines album (Lungs) it was on 24/7 and then it was Paloma Faith (Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?) and so it is now Adele. Although I do go back to the older stuff, and if you could see my Spotify playlist you would be so suprised, just part of the list goes;Ed Solo; Shania Twain; Athlete;B.O.B; Anita Ward;Spice Girls; The Levellers.

Which brings me to my favourite band of all. The Levellers. I love their music new and old and I there is not even a song that I do not like from all their many albums, they are a Folk/Rock/Punk band and they are definitely amazing. First time I saw them was at Glastonbury but I was too young to remember, my mother goes to their festival ‘Beautiful Days’ every year and always brings back something Levellers related for us! I saw them recently for my birthday present at the Stroud Subscription Rooms and they were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Anyway, that’s music and me, can’t live without it!