It is really mean to give an essay as homework that has to be in the next day!

I find the most annoying Homeworks are the ones that are in for the next day because you have to do them now whether you like it or not!

Although sometimes if I am doing homework and I am feeling super enthusiastic (which admittedly is not often) I do all the homework that I have been set, because then I am free! (until I get some more, obviously). I quite like that carefree feeling you get, like in year 7 when you used to get one piece of homework a week, now that was bliss. But at the present in year 9 it’s more like 3 pieces a night, and most of it in for the next day, so more of our life is taken up with school work!

Anyway, just finished my English, and about to begin my Maths. Joy, can’t you just hear the sound of excitement in my typed words, well – I am so eager to get started, I shall!