Yes, Finally… the school holidays have begun and I am free, apart from all the revision for my exams the week we come back!

It’s an amazing feeling, I can paint my nails, I can wear what I want, I don’t have urgent homework to do, and I can sleep for as long as I want EVERY day! Also it’s easter so here comes the chocolate and I am going to Cornwall to visit my aunty in under a week which will be amazing.

It turns out, out of the 5 years we are at Secondary school we have over a year off, not including weekends and bank holidays! surprising huh! And we always complain about the amount of time we are at school, people who work have hardly anytime off, and they work longer hours and do harder work! So when your parents get home today, tell them how much you appreciate them, because they work, and then they come home and cook and tidy up! So good on them!

Anyway, Have an AMAZING easter everyone!