Oh Glasses, my arch nemesis since I was 6. 

They just sit on your face making you look like a nerd, and I had the most terrible choice in glasses. I chose thin framed oval lensed ones. My friends took every opportunity to say “Go on, do your Anne Robinson impression” and for the millionth time I would respond with “You, are the weakest link, Goodbye.” with my glasses at the end of my nose. Oh how I wished that I didn’t have to wear them, foul things. But I stuck at it and wore them all the time from the age of 6 until I was 13.

Oh, I forgot to say, when I first got my glasses the optician told me I would have to wear them until i was 11. At the age of 11 where I went in for a check up and left wearing glasses I was not best pleased. 

Now, when I got to the age of 13 there were some quite nice glasses about. I chose a green square pair from Specsavers (as I didn’t like any from Boots) but a week later I hated them, they repulsed me, and therefore I did not where them. Suprisingly when we told the optician this she said that I didn’t need to wear them all the time – just for reading, and school work. But that meant I had to take them everywhere with me, and the got broken. *Thankfully*

Now though, I have some amazing glasses and I wear them ALL THE TIME! I never thought I would like a pair of glasses until now! It was a choice between Gok Wan designer glasses(which admittedly were a bit too big for my face anyway) and some ones that were effectively the same(except slightly smaller, oh and Free) and so I went with the latter, they are awesome! AND they were FREE! That is a Win-Win situation!

Anyway, my best friend has to get glasses now, for school I think. She went to an opticians in Nailsworth and apparently she had to have some manky pink free ones. You know on specsavers adverts they say “should have gone to specsavers!” She literally should have gone to specsavers, they have a great choice of glasses and most of them are free to under 16s! (Not that i am promoting specsavers or anything, but they are pretty spiffing!) 

Anyway, Glasses, they can be a massive pain.