Hello readers,

You may or may not know that I love Doctor Who, I do not mention it in this blog (for some unknown reason) but seeing as the new series is just beginning I think I shall!
I have just finished the last episode of The  Doctor Who Adventure Games – Shadows of the Vashta Nerada (If you don’t know what that is, I have put a link in) It was rather easy, which was a shame as I thought the first three episodes were great, but the last  needed something.

Anyway, the new series has begun. Now, I love David Tennant, and I truly believe he was the best Doctor, but I am perfectly open to change, and I think Matt Smith is pretty good. 🙂 At first I was incredibly hostile, but it wore off, the first series was not so good (and I don’t think that’s down to Matt, I think it’s having a new writer, Stephen Moffat.) but this second series, is looking better!

I am glad that Russell T. Davies left with David Tennant, because I think that for a new doctor to sit in David’s shadow, performing the same script types would have not worked, although I think Russell T.  Davies is great, and Stephen Moffat has something to be desired, I reckon it was the perfect time to get a new writer, so everything is new.

Now I shall take a paragraph to ‘big up’ David Tennant as The Doctor (to use a colloquial term, and for want of a better phrase). For a start you can tell that David was seen by everyone as an amazing Doctor as they completely ‘revamped’ the show when he left. The theme tune was changed, the title sequence was changed, the TARDIS was changed, the writer changed, the logo was changed, all in all it was a colossal change! David will always have his Doctor Who legacy behind him, but he has done many Shakespeare’s (currently performing with Catherine Tate in Much Ado abut Nothing – annoyingly I can’t go and that is my favourite Shakespeare!) and many roles as an actor(AMAZING in all I am sure you will agree). Wow, I sure love him, I shall have to do a blog devoted to him now. 😛

Anyway, Doctor Who, I am still a fan! Excellent!