As you may know, I love Doctor Who and I have discovered this amazing Music called Trock!

What’s Trock? I hear you ask.. Well – Timelord Rock! It’s AWESOME – music all about Doctor Who!
The band that makes this music is called Chameleon Circuit (as Doctor Who fans will know is a reference to the TARDIS) and their first album is also called Chameleon Circuit. It is so good I cannot express the full magnitude!
My favourite song from the album is called An Awful Lot of Running but I like all of the others too!

I hope you follow the link and fall in love with them as I have!

P.S. If you aren’t a Doctor Who fan it’s still worth a listen because they are great songs even if you don’t get the Doctor Who references!  

P.P.S. Two of the people in the band are called Charlie Mcdonnell(charlieissocoollike on youtube) and Alex Day(nerimon) and their individual songs are AMAZING also! 🙂 xxx