So, wordpress have changed the look of the site. Cool.

Anyway, My Blog. I haven’t used my blog for ages, which I am very sorry about but I have not a current topic that I am very psyched about, even though I have topics I have no drive to pursue them. I am going to Cornwall this weekend and there will therefore be no Blogging done.. well I don’t think there will. 
Although after tomorow it is Half Term! So – There will most probably be a surge in posting, as I will have time to kill.
As everybody knows in a school holiday everyone says “YES! No School!” but then you have NOTHING to do.

I just noticed Nothing is no.thing. WOW – I am too easily pleased!
Which reminds me – racecar is the dame backwards and so are madam and Hannah!
And another cool word is bed – it actually looks like a bed.

Right then.. that is enough waffle!
Over and Out.