What do I spend my money on?
Where do I get it?

Well I get £2 pocket money a week from my Nanny and sometimes I get money or loans from my parents. Obviously I get money for birthday’s and Christmas from distant relatives…
but. I really don’t know where it goes. I know things are expensive these days but I feel like I never have any money and when I do I’ve spent it all on a few choice purchases!

It’s weird because I never really buy anything, apart from the occasional packet of sweets, or a drink when I’m in town, but actual things I hardly ever buy, because either someone else buys them for me, or I don’t have any money!

It really makes you think about all the things you own, and how many that your parents bought you and how many you got for presents, and you see how much you really spend on yourself, with essentials, and just stuff you wanted at the time – like sweets.

I find whenever I say something like “Oh, by the way Mother, you don’t need to buy me *this item* – I’ll get it myself” your parents say things like “It’s alright dear, that what we are here for, I’ll get it.” because apparently parents are obliged to buy you essentials, but if we had to buy some things our selves maybe we would understand how to be independent and to keep our money for the important things in life and not squander it away on silly little pointless things!

I know that if more children were made to feel a little more independent, rather than relying on “daddy” because your spoilt, then maybe when people grow up they will know not to waste their money when they have to pay for themselves with their own wages, not “daddy’s” fortune!