Apparently I type fast. 

May I add that this is said my my Father Dearest – who types with one finger at a time 😉 

Anyway, I type at a speed that means I can reply on MSN before the person I am talking to gets worried about how long it’s taking. Also it helps with blogging and writing, because you can get out exactly what you want to say at a reasonable pace.

OK, so those 75 words took me about 2 minutes, and that’s not very many words so I can’t be that fast – surely. I think another thing about being fast at typing is that I don’t make mistakes, lots of people when they type fast are constantly making typos, now, I am definitely not saying I am perfect, because sometimes I make typos too! but currently – I am doing pretty well – but you can always comment on my blog if they are any problems with it – as I do proof read it but there are always things you miss!