Barbaric! Barbie’s packaging is made from the rainforest and she find deforestation fun! 



 Greenpeace are working against Mattel to stop deforestation to make Barbie’s packaging. Millions of people have written to the boss of Mattel about the matter and there is an ongoing dispute between ‘Ken’ and ‘Barbie’ after their break up!

Breaking up in public isn’t easy. But Ken and Barbie, who split last week over Barbie’s rainforest wrecking, have done so in a very, very public way. Ken’s video interview that broke the scandal has now been seen over one million times! And over 200,000 of you have written to Mattel asking that they stop packing their toys in rainforest destruction.

But, despite this huge interest, it looks like the toy cupboard’s most famous on-off relationship will remain off for a little while longer – Barbie and Ken are still spending time apart, as Mattel hasn’t yet made a clear commitment to removing forest destruction completely from its supply chains.  Mattel did however take the first step on the road to rehabilitation last week by admitting that it – and Barbie – have a problem. That problem is using products from Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), a company that continues to rely on clearing Indonesian rainforests for pulp and paper, despite the terrible consequences for our climate, local communities, and endangered animals like the Sumatran tiger.

Soon after the scandal involving their most famous toy broke, Mattel issued an initial statement saying they had “launched an investigation into deforestation allegations.” These aren’t allegations – but facts. Facts based on a Greenpeace International investigation that used forensic testing and mapping data.  So it’s been proved and Mattel MUST DO SOMETHING!

Meanwhile on Twitter Ken and Barbie have been trading bitter tweets about the end of their relationship and the cause behind it: Mattel’s use of products coming from destroyed rainforests and peatlands. – Follow their conversations on twitter here – Ken or Barbie!

Help Greenpeace stop this madness! 

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