I used to write in my Diary ALL THE TIME. but I haven’t even picked it up for ages, I flicked to the last page I wrote on – January 4th – the last sentence says “write again Later” wow. When I wrote that I definitely did not know how much later I would write. 

It’s has been 5 months and 23 days, or 4,176 hours… that is a lot of hours! Anyway, I wrote in it again on Monday and yesterday, and I have got quite into again, I read my old entries, they do make me laugh! I have such silly and sometimes amusing thoughts! 

I don’t know if you can call it a diary really though, because people say that in a diary you write what you did in the day, and all that stuff. But I write my feelings and thoughts and worries and happies and all that. I suppose you could call it an Emotional Diary! 

I like it anyway it is a good way to channel my feelings, even on Happy days, sometimes you just have to expel your extra happy! Yes, Smiles! I think I may even draw something tonight, so get ready for a new drawings post, and in a minute a new Word of the Week, Sorry I have got behind – I am also going to be doing a Photography challenge in the near distant future, so I hope you will look forward to it!

By the way, I hope that you understand that I actually speak like I type, in real life. I have been told that I write just how I speak, and I would like to clarify, that that is the idea, This is a blog, my words, written down, for you to read! Enjoy!