I have made a ‘Summer’ playlist on my spotify, but It’s not out with the old!

I now have summery, light, happy songs playing although – you cannot beat some MCR or Greenday! I always have some music on weather it’s Heart FM or Spotify, or just the music I have on my laptop – there has to be a soundtrack. I listen to music when I wake up, I listen on my phone when I walk to the bus stop, and on the bus to school, I listen when I get off the bus and I listen from when I get home until I go to sleep! Wow, that sounds odd. Oh dear.

I have a very wide selection of music on my Phone and my Spotify ‘starred’ list, I guess my tastes vary. 

Really annoyed though because we have to do a house music competition at school and we get to choose the song. Me and Ema said we wanted to do SING by MCR but no one listens to us, and 2 people put in charge choose some rubbish rapping, clubland thing. It’s so bad. All I could do was shout ‘My ears are BLEEDING’ at them, but I was ignored, the rest of our tutor group doesn’t want to do it either, so we have opted out. Annoyingly they will do it, and it will suck, and we will lose. again. 

Anyway, Music I love it, although some of it I don’t. That’s life, sometimes you like things, but most times you don’t.