well, This is awkward, my blog had literally hit rock bottom. I love those 5 or so readers who keep coming back in hope that I have posted something but to tell you the truth, it’s a little pointless. I apologise but I have been really busy lately, and stressed about. Things. And I haven’t had my laptop because I broke it, and I don’t know my password because it’s on ‘remember me’.
Moving On.

I will try and post more often now it’s the holidays, I shall have loads more time, with no homework or anything else to do, and I have my own laptop back (obviously).
You wouldn’t believe how much it sucks not having your own laptop because it doesn’t feel right or anything it’s so annoying -you don’t have any of your files or saved passwords or music, and my laptop is a fast little thing but our family laptop is HORRIBLE! It’s slow and clunky and it takes AGES to load. I almost threw it out of my skylight a few times, but anyway, all that stress is over and the blogging will begin soon.
Satisfied. OK. Over and Out.