Why can’t girls be best friends with boys?
Why am I always accused of being a filrt?
Why is it that if you go for a walk with you best boy mate your’e asked if he’s your boyfriend?

One of my closest friends is of the male persuasion. We are really close, we are best friends and we aren’t going out.
We have been best friends since we were born… and we always will be I hope. He makes me laugh, he makes me smile,  we have an awesome time together. If I say ‘I had a great time with the best friend today’ people will assume it’s a girl. Argh, aggravation. I mean, we are so close that we link arms and we hit each other and laugh. We hug and we sit together and we stand close when we walk… but it’s because we are best friends. I mean seriously – my brother comes up behind us today and says “your standing too close, it’s awkward” and I was so confused I said “Awkward to who? You? because we aren’t feeling awkward?” – he replied with nothing and walked away. I mean seriously. I can’t even stand next to my best friend?

I am constantly accused of being a flirt, It annoys me immensely and that is just a word socially inept people use to describe people who have friends. I swear. Because I talk to boys, Oh MY Gosh! Stop Press! A girl is talking to a boy! What will we do now? ArGH! 
I just talk to boys, or sit near them, or laugh with them, or or… you get my drift… and I am told to stop flirting because I have a boyfriend I mean Seriously? I know they are the opposite sex but I am not hitting on them or anything. Geesh. 
 And people make it really awkward when they walk up behind you and go – “stop flirting with [insert name]” and laugh, because then they think you were, when you weren’t. Also; I have a boyfriend who I am very happy with, and people persist on telling him that I am flirting with other boys. And I am NOT, I’m just talking to them. He knows that though, he doesn’t mind 🙂

 So, my best boy mate is over from France at the moment, and they come over once a year -ish, so we were just hanging out, and we went for a walk over the common and got ice – cream… and had a laugh. And I come home and another friend who saw us says -“I see you’ve got a new boyfriend” and I at first burst out laughing, but then it just worked me up! She saw us laughing and walking together and hug, and automatically we are going out. People are too set in all this relationship stuff, I don’t know why when your almost 15 you can’t be best friends with a boy anymore, like you were when you were four. 

End Of. *deep breaths* Rant over.