It is the first Monday of the summer holidays for me, as it for many others, and I am enjoying it immensely already! I didn’t wake up till 11:44 and I don’t even have to get up, I can stay here in my nice warm bed for as long as I want.Ā 

People might say I was a typical teenager because I like to lie in, and I am. But really, who doesn’t want to sleep in until the afternoon everyday? I mean seriously, If you had the choice would you refuse? My brother got up early and was walking to Nailsworth by the time I was awake. That’s just weird, I know he’s 12 but really, He needs the sleep! Although, sometimes I find the more sleep I get the sleepier I feel.

Anyway, I love Sleeping in and the Summer holidays, I have nothing planned so far apart from going to Cornwall so I can do as I please.Ā 
*sigh of pleasure*