Since when was it OK to judge someone on what they wear or what they look like…?
Oh wait – IT ISN’T!

I am so tired of people looking at me and giving me a funny look, or people staring… I wear what  I want when I want to. When I complain about this stuff usually people tell me to stop being weird ant then I wouldn’t get weird looks. Maybe I like being who I am. 
The Aggravation when I wear black and people’s little minds go – *Click* – She’s an Emo. Argh! And the music I listen to, I like My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Black Veil Brides and Paramore, which apparently makes me and Emo – WRONG AGAIN. I also like The Levellers, The Feeling, Panic! at the Disco, OK go, Chameleon Circuit, The Hoosiers, Ect. I mean really, judging someone for what they like, really… I mean I am so not Emo, yes, I wear Black clothes and thick Black make-up, but I also Wear bright colours and rainbow outfits, with big bold colourful make-up. I like to dress as a fairy for heaven’s sake! 

Stereotypes are so annoying, and I think people should start looking past them, and look at the people themselves!
Everybody thinks that My Chemical Romance is Emo music, and it’s all about depression and slitting your wrists… but it’s not, It makes me feel better when I’m upset, not the opposite!

Als0… what’s wrong with being Emo anyway? Emo stands for Emotional. I know that self harming is a really bad thing to do, but alienating people isn’t going to help is it? Depression is a serious medical condition, Emotional people need support not descrimination!

I am tired of this subject now… Enjoy this picture of me as a Fairy 🙂 and Remember,
“Don’t ever let the media tell you what to look like, you’re beautiful the way you are, stay beautiful, Keep it Ugly!”

Me, as a Fairy, at Sunrise Celebration 2011 – Taken by LeFlic17