Someone You Love: This is my Unicorn, she is called Unicorn, and she is very special to me! I would have put my boyfriend here, or my mother, or my father... but I feel like I did not want to favour one of them over the others, I love them all, And my unicorn is just a representation of Both my parents, and everything I love! It's not My only one, I have Mikey and Punk and some others, but Unicorn is my most special, even though she will never properly replace Unicorn(theFIRST) which perished(Sadly) she is, probably my most treasures possession, She is always there, and she is the last proper 'thing' that my parents gave me before they divorced... She may be massive,but we are massive together and I take her where I want her, and I love her. 🙂

Ezcuse me… That was immensely soppy! I appologise 🙂 She means so much!