I am currently sitting here in my primary school, which I left 3 years ago, and I am writing my blog.

My mother works at my primary school, and therefore we are here in the holidays, for her to do some extra work…
I wasn’t dragged along, I was just really bored, and tagged along for the ride, the oppotunity of seeing my old school, and because we are going shopping afterwards.

It’s weird sitting here in the office, it’s changed since I last came here, I used to spend hours here waiting afterschool for my Mother to finish doing whatever it is that she does…
I like coming back here, but I also hate it, because it has changed so much I feel out of place, almost lost, in the place where I spent so much time as a small child. I am using the office Laptop, and sitting at a desk… I never sit at a desk when I use my laptop, I always have it on my – clues in the name… Anyway… Must go… Shopping to be done. (Food Shopping None the Less)

‘Stay Beautiful, Keep it Ugly’