I know. I want never gets.. but I don’t need I want. I desire.Β 

What? I hear you ask… ELECTRIC BLUE DOC MARTENS! πŸ˜€

I’ve tried them on, they are LUSH. Sadly as well as being AWESOME they are expensive and easily wrecked. All reports say that they scuff really easily and the blue comes off… But they are so so so pretty! Problem is I would want to wear them everyday, and then they would be destroyed even faster!

They Even Look awesome in shoe form! I love you Doc Martens! If only you did not wear so easily, and cost so much!

I went to a Cornish indoor market and tried them on, I looked at them, wished I had Β£59 in cash… put them back in the box, hid them at the back and left, silently sobbing. They are just so darn lush, but to be quite honest with you, what Doc Martens aren’t? The most Awesome Brand. EVER! πŸ™‚Β 
I do love them, but you know, my brain knows that I can’t have them, I shall just have to dream! Β