Yeah, I got Tumblr. 

I was reluctant to because I really don’t need another reason to stay on my Laptop all day, but it was too tempting! I only use it to reblog stuff I like anyway, so.. It’s not really worth following me, but if you really want to, because you want your dash to be full of David Tennant, My Chemical Romance, Charlie McDonnell and Doctor who. Then it’s here:

My Whovian Romance

It’s also on my sidebar, just in case you got bored, and wanted to click through to it there? I don’t know, I’m rambling!

It aggravates me that my sister immediately assumed I had a tumblr when I started listening to My Chemical Romance and my mother thought I was an Emo. But I didn’t then, I just used to silently stalk them, now however I do. And I feel like she has won, which aggravates me for a reason I am unaware of. 

Anyway, I have Tumblr. Just add it to the list of sites you can stalk me on. Wait. Don’t.
Who would want to stalk me anyway?! Exactly!