It was my first day being a year 10 pupil today. We got to sit on seats in assembly, we got to choose what we do in PE (If I had my real choice it would have been nothing at all) and we got to sit in the Quad.

It really didn’t feel that different!
Obviously somethings change, and we are doing GSCE studies now, but it felt the same! Apart from new class mates, and new teachers, it was the same, I went insane with my friends, we laughed A LOT , we ate cake, and we worked. 

And I thought it was going to be all scary and year 10! Pah!

I also met my bestfriend’s little sister, which was cool! I also found out that I have a reputation with the younger years as the crazy blonde girl! Which I’m happy about! Even if it is a bad thing (Apparently) I like being recognised as crazy! I’m me, no one can change that, I’m Loud and a little bit insane (Make that a big bit!) So I’m glad the new year 7s have learnt who I am already… (I think)

Anyway, despite my complaints, today was alright, year 10 is just another school year… and I am just the same reception girl that I was when I was 4!

Ha Ha Ha…
Seriously though, mental age of a 4 year old! Brains of… I don’t know… No brain? Just Kidding, I have a brain, or else how would I produce such a fabby (If slow and irregular) Blog!

🙂 (wow you even get a smiley face, feel blessed!)