because I am way crazier than any of you know. I mean I have the reputation of the Loud Crazy Blonde at my school (you could probably stick a ‘lanky’ in there too) – Although I am slightly proud of it.

I am very loud, I talk about weird stuff, I sing, I dance, I strut, I prance, I skip, I Laugh (ALL THE TIME) and I eat weird things in random places. I am a bit of a teacher’s pet though, it makes school more enjoyable, if when you’re doing something wrong you can make your teacher laugh about it instead of them shouting at you! It’s a useful skill to be relatively likeable!

I mean obviously the ‘popular’ people think I am a total weirdo and they would not be seen dead talking to me, but that’s just because they would be outshined but my.. erm… Sass? -Winks- 
I am a total weirdo by the way, and that’s how I want it to stay, I don’t want to be the cool person, or the popular person if it means ‘fitting in’ in the twisted and silly community. The way that if you mix with the right people and disobey the teachers and don’t do you’re work makes you cool. Is stupid. I’m a nerd and I’m proud, computers, school, I like being clever, it makes life easier (also you can  outsmart idiots who take the Michael with your superior intelligence and they don’t even know what has hit them!).  

I do not particularly excell at PE (Physical Exercise) I mean, for a start you actually have to move… Joking, but really, I could live without it. I try, but I am not the fittest person in the world, and I am certainly not the skinniest, so… Sports aren’t really my thing, I don’t enjoy watching them, and I don’t enjoy playing them (Excluding maybe Netball and Badminton and a few others- if no ‘populars’ are playing to make you feel bad). 

Back to me being Crazy. I am not literally a mental case, but I like to have fun, and I love to laugh, and I don’t care what anyone thinks of me, even if I make a fool of myself, that’s life, it’s not going to change, ever. I like to laugh in the face of popular people, and show them that I don’t care, because I am weird and I like it!

I absolutely LOVE Doctor Who and David Tennant and therefore include at least one in most pieces of school work I do, the rest of my class are used to it now, but the ‘Populars’ think I’m weirdly obssessed. I am… I have (and this is the actual name – pun intended) The Wall of Tennants (Get it? No… Oh…) -sighs-

Anyway, must rap up this post… See you one the flip side later!
I am never writing that again! Over and Out.