I just finished reading ‘The Girls’ by Lori Lansens, and it is a FANTASTIC book! 

It’s the autobiography of a craniopagus twin called Rose Darlen, with Additions by here Twin Ruby (Yes I know, that’s my name, no need to point it out). It is beautifully written and is so interesting, it makes you feel like you know what it is like to be conjoined to someone, and it makes you feel so thankful for your independence, and the feeling you can do anything when you like. 

They are joined at the head (that’s the craniopagus bit) and the book tells the story of how they have never looked each other in the eye, but they have never left eachothers’ side. It also follows their adopted parents Aunt Lovey and Uncle Stash, and how they met and came to adopt The Girls, which is what they are known as in their hometown of leaford. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole book, from the sad parts to the happy. It is so thoughtfully written and it really gives you a feeling of what they are going through, and how difficult it must be to live their day to day lives, but is also inspiring as they get Jobs and manage when they grow up to live on their own. 

You should definitely read it,  I would recommend it to anyone! It was literally a book I couldn’t put down, because I always wanted to know what they were going to do next, or how they were going to over come the next problem. I know that everyone always says that about good books, but this is really worth it! 

There you go, my sort of book review!


The Girls, Lori Lansens – I notice in this cover though, that if it’s supposed to be them, it’s inaccurate, because Ruby has clubfeet!