Oh I do so LOVE living in the countryside. People who live in cities do not realise what they are missing out on! I love it love it love it! The nearest shops are a 15 minute walk away, but that’s okay, because walking in this beautiful place is a pleasure! Yes, there are hills everywhere, but it is interesting! People say there’s nothing to do? You can go for walks, or go down to the woods, or draw the wildlife, or take some books out of the mini library(Explain later) or sit on the green… ect. 

Take a deep breath, inhale that fresh country air, and just think to yourself how lucky you are. Okay, so the cows just broke into your garden, ate everything(not that it matters in the jungle that is our garden) and snapped the mirror off your Mother’s car, but who cares, cows are awesome! (Spoken like a true Farmer!) 

I come from Gloucestershire, and apparently (although I haven’t noticed) have the accent. People like to call us Carrot Crunchers(to be said like ‘Carut Cruncherrs), perfectly happy with that! 

If I lived in a city I would die, I would wake up in the morning and look out of my flat window, to see more buildings, and grey. Here I wake up to look out of my attic room window and I see the village church in the background with the rolling hills and trees behind, and yes, my window doesn’t quite fit properly, so the wind whistles through the gap, but I would not have it ANY OTHER WAY!

This is a countryside appreciation post! I am never going to complain about how far away we live from town, because I live in a beautiful rural village, in a huge house with a brilliant (If untidy and overgrown) garden! I know, I have to stop using the Exclamation marks, but I don’t want to! 

-Smiley Face- I love it so so so much! You can walk down the road and sit on the green in the sunshine and just read a book, and return at tea time. In the evenings the moon shines brightly over the cottages and illuminates the neat little gardens (excluding ours!).

Living in the countryside is awesome and I hope I always live here, or at least return when I’ve grown up!

I may add something to this post at a later date, maybe not, depends. 

And now, pictures of Cows I took – Enjoy!