I do so love my Art. It was my first definite choice for my GCSE’s and I love it. I love it love it love it. 

For my first project (A mind – map about myself) (It’s not as boring as it sounds) I got a high B. Which is good apparently, so that’s awesome! We are currently doing artist research. 

I love the way my work is completely in my control, I can choose whatever artist I want, I can make it look however I want on the page, I can do it in my book, or on a worksheet, I can take as many photographs as I like, and my work can reflect me. 

I am so glad that I don’t suck at Art, ’cause then, what would I have to look forward to, apart from Textiles. 
Ahhh.. Textiles, another of my most beloved subjects. I suppose I just love to be creative, all the time, always creative.

Creative, Imaginitive, Brightly coloured. Me ALL over.

Anyway, Art, I love thee!