It’s officially Half Term, Hooray!

Now to fill my days with tidying, cleaning and singing! (and throw in some friends too)
I am already enjoying this, I woke up at 11:11 this morning, I love it. No Alarms, No Homework due in (Yet) And I am free, enough!

This holiday is gonna be jam packed, ’cause I have so much to do, as well as chillax… I’m going out tomorrow, and Wed, and then I am going to Cornwall for a long weekend on Friday, and then back to school on Wednesday, so I have to get a move on with all the important stuff. And the cleaning!

I am tidying though, as per, because I have to spic and span(I actually just googled that to make sure that’s how you spell ‘spic’ I am so clever) so that my house will be sparkling clean for my birthday (In 11 Days) and so it is a nicer place to live, and when I am done inside I will do outside. I am also tidying and sorting out our house for my Mother, ’cause she does so much for us and really, we never do anything, and she is always very concious of what our house looks like (not that anyone ever comes round) anyway, I think that it will be very successful. But really. I need to get off my laptop and actually do some tidying, also, I have to do the dishwasher, so, post later. I think.


But I’m not promising anything, ’cause I might be lying!

See you on the flip side later!