I’m gonna go a little chav here, and say sozza to the max! (I know, I’m just such a chav – comes naturally – ennit)
*Spoken in a British accent with perfect diction and pronunciation* 

As I was saying, I am really really sorry! I have not posted for AGES. I am so glad that my readers are so loyal, and still kept reading other posts whilst I was sat here thinking about how much I would like to be blogging! 

Story is, I broke my laptop charger -for the third time- and therefore could not use my Laptop until it was fixed. You could have used a different computer I hear you shout! Well I couldn’t because I am a fool. I do not actually know my WordPress password, because it just remembers it on my Laptop, so I couldn’t log in anywhere else!

Anyway, I am here now, and posts will hopefully be flooding your way! Although – maybe flooding is a bit strong. Trickling maybe? No, to little… Well I’m not going to be destroying your metaphorical houses with my flooding posts, just creating a nice river through the middle of town. Woah, this is way off topic.

Excuses and Apologies over, on with the posts!

*aren’t you pleased I’m back? No? Oh… *