I am trying to a type a worthy entry to my blog but my cat is having tremendous fun sitting on and walking over my keyboard whilst I write. His fur is now everywhere, and he is purring away whilst he knocks off the contents of my desk. I think he has something to add himself:

z\x  hhhhhhhhh k

Inspirational words I think you will agree!

I’m also painting my nails as I try and think of an idea to write about and there is now furry marks in my almost dry nail varnish! Cats these days, no appreciation of other people and their work and belongings! 

Annoyingly he is the cutest cat I think I have ever seen, even in comparison to kittens. He is just my lovely ginger kitty, and he has little white socks, and beautiful amber eyes. He sits on my shoulders and purrs as I am writing this. – See he is even very intelligent, he can read and tell when he is being praised! 

Dammit, you can’t stay angry at something as cute as this!