Yes, I know – it’s late, but really, I’m too lazy to do proper blogging.

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful christmas and that this year will be as beautiful as the last!

Most people are saying how much they hated 2011, I’m not really sure why… I loved it! My mind was opened up to a lot of new things, I had great times and experiences. And here at the close of the last year, and the beginning of this new one, I am happy.

Truly happy, and so is everyone around me.

That should be our goal in life, it is certainly mine. I just want to be happy, and even in the worst of times, I try to look on the brightside, and I know that that is not exactly to everyone’s tastes, but it does help – Why live a miserable life because you can’t afford to go to the cinema this week, when you could live a happy life because you got a set of 100 Doctor Who postcards for Christmas?!

Smile, It increases your face value!Β