I have made a minor faux pas… I said earlier that I didn’t have any new years resolutions. I wasn’t lying at the time, but I was talking over dinner and now have some – ‘I could just change my previous post’ I hear you cry. I could, but I’m not going to. Anyway, here are my New Years resolutions:

  1. I am going to eat. I am going to have breakfast everyday, make sure that I make lunch, and then remember to eat it. I  really need to sort myself out, apparently not eating means your brain performs badly. 
  2. I am going to do the photography challenge. And hopefully complete it.
  3. I am going to give up my bad habits. I have two very bad habits of biting my nails and cracking my knuckles, and I will stop!
That is all, I think these are relatively easy – but I will try not to fail by the end of the first week of January this year. Although I succeeded last year – I made a point to drink more water, and now it’s all I drink. 
Wish me Luck!