I’m really sorry, I’ve been away from my blog for quite a while now. Thank you to the people who still persisted in looking on my blog everyday, when there was nothing new!

I have obviously failed my ‘One Photo A Day’ challenge, but I will continue that pursuit until I have reached 365 photos, because then I’ve got a year in photos at least!

You probably think that I was just too lazy to write anything, and then I got out of the habit, which is usually the case. But actually I have a perfectly valid reason for not writing anything. I lost my dearest friend to a severe asthma attack on January 19th and in truth I really haven’t felt like doing anything. I know that it has been months, and I should probably get up and move on, but it takes a while, anyway, I am back and soon my blog will return to it’s former Glory.

I will now proceed to post a splurge of random things that I have banked up to post, so they might be from AGES ago. Anyway – here goes.

And Thank You.