I am pretty sure I’ve posted before about how much music means to me, but now I’m posting about something else. 

I find it extremely aggravating that people can’t just except that different people have different music tastes. What I meant to say, that there is a lot of hate given to people about what music they listen to. My own mother thought I was turning Emo when I started listening to My Chemical Romance. The thing is, that people complain when they are taken the mick of because of their music taste, and then they just go and do it to someone else, so in your opinion Justin Bieber sucks? Okay, you’re allowed an opinion, but don’t tell other people that they can’t listen to it just because you don’t like it. 

Currently my brother listens to dubstep ALL THE TIME. It’s quite wearing because I despise it, but I can’t stop him. I listen to Rock/Alternative type bands that he doesn’t like, but we keep ourselves to ourselves, he doesn’t slag off my music taste, I don’t slag off his. 

I’m tired of people saying that Rock music is just screaming, and then someone retaliating that Justin Bieber sounds like a little girl (which he no longer does). I think that if we all just listened to the music we liked, instead of criticise other peoples’ tastes, there would be a lot less arguments. 

A girl called Skye was killed last year when she was beaten up in the street by a gang because she was wearing a My Chemical Romance T-Shirt, that shouldn’t be happening, that’s horrible! 

I wish people would just see sense, and realise that there is a lot of different music out there, in my opinion current ‘pop’ music is a little offending to the ears, but if people want to listen to it, let them, the bands I like are still producing albums, so what do I care if the charts isn’t really to my liking? I actually really like ‘Call Me Maybe’ which was number one last week!