Now, I’m not saying that I think school uniform should be scrapped, because I understand why we’re supposed to wear it. But I would like to raise two problems that I see with my school’s uniform rules currently. (This may just be because I got told I couldn’t wear these trousers to school. gurr.)

  1. Looking ‘Smart’
  2. All being the same (so there’s no discrimination etc.)

Our school uniform consists of a blue jumper, a white polo shirt and a skirt or trousers. I can see how it’s supposed to stop discrimination or bullying because we all wear the same, but the thing is that we don’t  all wear the same! There is so much variation in what is called ‘uniform’ at my school that there is still a divide between people who’s parents buy them the uniform from the designated shop -(It’s not a fashion parade it’s school), and parents who buy what their children ask for.


Basically Our uniform is pretty ew, but some people don’t wear it, and don’t get called up on it. Obviously everyone tries to get the best thing they can and still be within the rules. The most popular items of clothing if you’ve got that ‘popular’ look going on are ‘Miss Sexy’ jeans and skirts.


I would not be seen dead in ‘Miss Sexy’ attire but really, I wish I had some trousers to wear. I wore some other ‘jeans’ into school and I have been told I’m not allowed to wear them because they are jeans. They are not in fact, they’re trousers, but oh no, I can’t wear them. Whilst at the same time my best friend is wearing grey skinny jeans to school, and one girl is wearing knee high converse. 

There is so much discrimination between students about the uniform, just as there would be if we didn’t wear any. People always use the argument that if children have hand me down clothes they will be picked on, so uniform is better. Why is that? Loads of people have hand me down school uniforms that still cause them grief from other students, if they’re too big, or baggy or faded. 

Another thing that I think is ridiculous is the rule on hair. I personally have purple hair, as of July, and when I came back to school I was told that it was against the rules. Further discussion with my head of year means that I am allowed to keep it, but I still think it is a ridiculous rule. I was the first person to be called up on not having ‘natural coloured’ hair. So many people before me have expressed themselves through their hair when confined to school uniform. This applies to Jewellery as well, you are allowed one ring, one bracelet, a watch, and non-dangly earrings, fair enough, I can see how these things might be a hazard at school (sort of) but the argument I hate the most is this:


Say what now? I am disrupting nothing, I can work just as well with Purple hair as I can with Blonde, and so can everyone else. Just because I have a different hair colour, or I’m wearing TWO (God forbid) bracelets I’m not going to start a revolution, I’m not going to stop working just because. I was also told when I was protesting about having to re-dye my hair that it gives a bad image to the school Oh really? It does? So we’re going with society’s stereotype that because I have dyed hair I am a teenage delinquent? Nice work.

I feel trapped enough having to wear the same thing day in day out, and having no way to express myself, and then it turns out there’s one rule for me and one rule for everyone else, what is that about? I’m not the first to have dyed hair, I’m not the first to wear a coloured hair band (Oh yes, I got called up because I had a multicoloured hairband on.) and yet I am immediately detected and flagged up. 

We’ve just had a new headteacher though, so hopefully she will change the uniform a bit, seeing as the rest of the schools in the area have now got blazers (Want – anything to get away from the shapeless jumpers we’ve got now) and shirts, which I wouldn’t really mind, I suppose.