(This is number one because I am definitely going to be writing about other things in the near distant future)

Follow for a Follow.

I’m not an idiot, I understand the premise, but I think that it’s a stupid idea. I will follow you only if you follow me back, that’s not what following someone, or subscribing to them should be about. Let’s take Twitter as an example here, I follow people that I want to hear updates from, I want to know what they’re tweeting, it interests me and there fore I would like to see their tweets on my timeline. Great.

Follow for a follow is completely the reverse, I am following this person because I want them to follow me. I care so much about the amount of followers I have that I will follow people that I don’t care about just to seem popular. Great, you mutually follow a bunch of people.

Back when I first got my Twitter account I followed A LOT of people,  and when people followed me for whatever reason I checked them out and I followed them back if I liked them, now I’m sure that sounds fine to you. No. My filter for whether I should follow them back was whether they liked my favourite band, and so I managed to follow over 900 people, who I didn’t really care about, and who were just all tweeting the same things, because we all followed each other – stupid.

I have almost 600 followers, but I’m not sure that most of them count, because they’re like past me. ‘Oh they like this, I’ll follow them and a million other people.’ I think your popularity (if you’re judging it by the amount of followers you have) should be relative to the amount of people you follow, asking for ‘follow for a follow’ ‘sub for sub’ isn’t an accurate depiction of how many people saw your profile and thought ‘Yes, I want updates from this person’ it’s just an eternal battle for more followers.

I am slowly unfollowing the people on my timeline who tweet things that I just ignore when I’m scrolling down, and they’re slowly realising and unfollowing me. I follow a ridiculous amount of Spanish people, I can’t even speak Spanish, but I followed them because I like the same bands as them, but when their tweets appear I can’t understand them, so what’s the point?

Basically what I am saying is that follow for a follow seems like a foolish way to get a lot of followers. Tweet/Post interesting things, make them want to follow you because you’re awesome, not because you promised you’d follow back.